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Between Worlds

Delila Jamison fled her nightmare past and a terrifying destiny, to hide in the sanctuary of Ishtar’s Temple and the Temple’s hospital in Morocco. But when a dangerous enemy with obsessions of revenge threatens her from another life and brings her past pounding at the hospital gates, the fate Delila fled threatens to strip her of everything she's come to love.


Retired US Air Force Captain James Walker figured his protective instincts were put to better use helping Project Prometheus ferry medical supplies and food into war-torn and impoverished areas of the world. When Matthew Raleigh sent him in to keep watch over a group of healers working in Morocco, Jim found himself staring into the haunted eyes of a woman from his past — a woman with a dark secret, and in desperate need of a protector.

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Darkness surrounds us. We see it in the crimes committed, the terrors that stalk not just our nightmares, but our waking lives, as well.
But from the darkness comes purest light - hope, love, and the desire for peace and freedom. From our most terrifying nightmares are born the most courageous acts, and enduring loves.

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Esther Mitchell is based in the United States


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Legends of Tirum, Book 1