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Guardians, Inc: Witch Hollow, Book 1: Sight Unseen

ISBN 978-1723971471

Genre: Paranormal Suspense

What happens when you bring together the best independent forensic lab in the country, one of the leading pathologists and criminal profilers in the world, and a Federal agent with a very unique skill set, and a gun loaded with Slayer bullets?

Welcome to Witch Hollow!

When a wealthy philanthropist is found dead in a locked room, with no apparent cause of death beyond the faint scent of incense, Dr. Faith MacKenzie and her team have their work cut out for them. As the case starts to go cold, she’ll be forced to turn to a man with abilities in which she can’t bring herself to believe, and credentials that leave her no choice but to accept the possibility he might just be on the level.

Guardians, Inc: Witch Hollow, Book 2: Up In Flames

ISBN 978-1729475478

Genre: Paranormal Suspense

What happens when you bring together the best independent forensic lab in the country, one of the leading pathologists and criminal profilers in the world, and a Federal agent with a very unique skill set, and a gun loaded with Slayer bullets?

Welcome to Witch Hollow!

A mysterious serial arsonist has been setting fires over the Witch Hollow area for months, and when a charred body turns up at the most recent arson scene, Faith and Jonathan are called to the scene. While Faith begins the process of identifying the victim and determining cause of death, Jonathan suspects the danger runs deeper than either of them could have predicted. As the number of fires, and the body count, grows, the partners will have to ask themselves what's most important -- bringing down a killer, or finding the truth.

Hanover Investigations, Book 1: Burden of Proof

ISBN 978-15211333

Genre: Romantic Suspense



 A victim of the legal system's injustices, herself, defense attorney Chelsea Hanover is a crusader for the underdog -- the innocent who end up trampled by the system.  Now, a single murder case will tip her world out of control, and bring the past she's been running from crashing back into her life.  And the only man who can help her is the man Chelsea blames most.

Project Prometheus, Book 1: In Her Name

ISBN 978-1724107817

Genre: Paranormal Suspense

Matthew Raleigh knows Hell intimately. He’s been there too many times in the past, and he’ll do anything to avoid going back again. A former SEAL determined to bring hope to the hopeless, Matt formed Project Prometheus, a mercenary organization dedicated to eradicating terror. But his own prejudice against the supernatural could cost Matt the only thing he’s ever wanted -- love.

Project Prometheus, Book 2: Hope of Heaven

ISBN 978-1790781836

Genre: Paranormal Suspense

Peter Talladay never expected to lead a normal life again, after his battle against a demon in the Iraqi desert left him partially crippled. Accepting his infirmity seemed the only sane, and logical, thing to do. But visions of an ancient cairn and a howling Irish Bean Si have risen up to trouble his dreams, and his immobile state frustrates him.


When beautiful, fiery Hope MacKenzie ventured into his world, he found a whole new reason to be afraid. Now, the chasm of his nightmare is growing steadily, and only a man strong enough to cross the bowels of Hell itself would ever have a chance at the Heaven Peter craves.

Project Prometheus, Book 3: Shadow Walker

ISBN 978-1796219784

Genre: Paranormal Suspense

Trevor Watkins is the miracle of the hour -- the survivor of an unassisted coma. But he awakes in a strange place, with no memory but one -- the smiling face of a woman with jade-green eyes he has a dreadful feeling he’s supposed to hate. 

Trapped in a living nightmare from which he believes there is no escape, he finds himself face-to-face with a betrayal he can’t help but forgive, and a secret he can’t hide from. 

Now, the jade-eyed beauty from his past can set him free, if he’s willing to let her step into a world that could take her away from him forever.

Project Prometheus, Book 4: Blood Debt


Genre: Paranormal Suspense

Some secrets can kill. For Doctor Michael Banks, the price for his secrets could be his soul.

As bio-terror ravages the Amazon, Michael's request for assistance from Project Prometheus brings him the unlikeliest of saviors -- a woman born of the desert, who might just hold the key to his redemption.


Their partnership opens the path to stopping a chemical nightmare in its tracks, and a mysterious saboteur's mischief making turns deadly. As the danger mounts, Michael will have to decide if his absolution is worth risking everything he holds dear, and a future he can't live without.

Between Worlds, Book 5: Between Worlds

ISBN- 978-1695447301

Genre: Paranormal Suspense


Delila Jamison fled her nightmare past and a terrifying destiny, to hide in the sanctuary of Ishtar’s Temple and the Temple’s hospital in Morocco. But when a dangerous enemy with obsessions of revenge threatens her from another life and brings her past pounding at the hospital gates, the fate Delila fled threatens to strip her of everything she's come to love.


Retired US Air Force Captain James Walker figured his protective instincts were put to better use helping Project Prometheus ferry medical supplies and food into war-torn and impoverished areas of the world. When Matthew Raleigh sent him in to keep watch over a group of healers working in Morocco, Jim found himself staring into the haunted eyes of a woman from his past — a woman with a dark secret, and in desperate need of a protector.

Legends of Tirum, Book 1: Daughter of Ashes

ISBN 978-1085863858

Genre: Fantasy

Telyn Gwndal has always felt like an outcast. The illegitmate child of a forbidden union that crossed the lines of feud, she bears the scorn of both of her parents' houses. Her conception and birth at the Fire Mountain, Raiador, is something Telyn views as a curse, and she would gladly forsake the strange bond she holds with her birthplace. But when a traitor brings her face-to-face with her destiny, deep within Raiador's core, her biggest ally is a man with secrets bigger than either of them.

Legends of Tirum, Book 2: Phoenix Rising

ISBN 978-1702460811

Genre: Fantasy

Phoenix Telyn Gwndal has finall accepted the Majik that's her birthright. But when her mission to finish her father's quest sends her into the beleaguered Borderlands, she's about to discover Fate has quite different plans from the ones she's made -- and they involve a man she's already promised herself never to love, and a proud people she can't turn her back on. Can Telyn escape Destiny's designs with her heart still intact?

Legends of Tirum, Book 3: Spirit Mage

ISBN 978-1711777917

Genre: Fantasy

Phoenix Telyn Gwndal intended nothing more than to bury her battered heart in Raiador's fiery core. Her Elemental hosts have a very different idea of where she belongs, and their quest could cost her everything. Within the benighted forest of the Eleshau, Telyn would come face-to-face with her most hated enemy and, in the halls of Death itself, her most beloved ally. Can Telyn find the heart she cast far away, or has Fate's design come far too late?

Legends of Tirum, Book 4: Mistress of Cats

ISBN 978-1655855252

Genre: Fantasy

Phoenix Telyn Gwndal swore to return her friend and blood sister to her proper place within the Imperial Palace of Targoth. She knows the risks of even showing her face inside the Empire's borders, but she owes Reaphia a second chance. When a chance encounter with an out-of-place merchant from a legendary people brings Telyn into the middle of a sruggle to free a woman held captive by her own will, Telyn finds herself up against a past she's never really outrun.  Nothing can prepare her for what comes next.

Legends of Tirum, Book 5: Sister of Dragons


Genre: Fantasy

The desert Wastes of Ravenos are home to no one except nomads and ghosts. When the spirits from Telyn's past rise up to greet her entry into this land she once fled she'll find herself face-to-face with a race she believed little more than a child's nightmare, and a young woman whose birthright puts her right in the middle of a struggle that could doom them all. Can Telyn find the strength to free a woman trapped between duty and destiny, or will her past seal her own fate, and tear the man she loves from her forever?

Legends of Tirum, Book 6: Child of Fallen Waters


Genre: Fantasy

A friend's quest for identity sends Telyn and her party into a land long draped in secrecy and legend. The truth they find staggers them all, because when the next Chosen is revealed, her identity will leave Telyn questioning her own fate, and the choices she's made.


And when Telyn's life is upended by a disaster she never saw coming, she finds herself up against the most important question of her life: Is her pride and fear worth the cost, if that cost is everything she loves?

Underground: Mole, Book 1: Tamia


Genre: Speculative/Futuristic

​Marine Captain Tamia Kuan is no stranger to war. Raised in war-torn Tibet, and then turned loose with the street ganges of Old San Francisco, Tamia is living proof the strong survive. On the streets, she learned to bury her heart to survive and, by the end of the world war known as the Divide, her survival depends on no longer feeling at all. But one man's doubt in her innocence will turn the tables on Tamia, and force her to find her heart, again. For, in the midst of one of the deadliest counterespionage missions of her life, her life could depend on it.


Underground: Mole, Book 2: Mind Killer


Genre: Speculative/Futuristic

Nobody ever had to tell Tamia Kuan the past came with a price tag. She's always known she'd pay for her mistakes, one day. What she never expected was to have to pay for them with another's life. But when a reconnaissance mission leaves her reeling, she'll discover she's broken a Code punishable by death, if her secret is ever revealed. To keep her secret, and a life she loves, she'll have to conceal the truth from everyone -- especially the man she loves.


Underground, Book 3: Terminal Hunter


Genre: Speculative/Futuristic

Commando Tamia Kuan hasn't had an easy life, but she's never made excuses for her actions -- she's made the best of what she has. Her life is finally beginning to come together, until the loss of a friend drives home the life lesson she's been hiding from -- no one is invincible. Now, she's faced with the very real possibility of losing everything she holds dear. Can a dangerous past be unmade, before it brings any hope of a future crashing down around her?


Underground, Book 4: Hero's Hope


Genre: Speculative/Futuristic

Tamia Carinson has everything she could ever want: A husband who loves her, a child on the way, and friends willing to risk their own futures to keep her family safe. But she can't shake the uneasy feeling something’s very wrong, and her streetwise ability to read people tells her Rick’s keeping dangerous secrets. Now, for the sake of her child, she must uncover what he's been hiding, before the past catches up with them all.


Underground, Book #5: Vengeful Heart


Genre: Speculative/Futuristic


Some wounds, even time can’t bind. But vengeance, and redemption, might. Tamia Carinson is convinced of it. When she left for Tibet, Tamia vowed to never give up on her search for the killer who tore her life apart. In the two years since she left, she’s uncovered a vendetta that will put her back in the game. Now, with pain she’s never learned to move past still haunting her, Tamia’s finally come home to New York City, and her revenge. But she's about to discover secrets can cut straight to the soul.

A Closet Full of Windows
A Collection of Poetry


This is a collection of poetry reflective of thirty years of Esther Mitchell's personal struggle with PTSD, Depression, and Anxiety issues. She hopes to use it to help others who are suffering. Half of all royalties collected by the author for sales of this book will be donated to charities focused on suicide prevention and mental illness education.

TRIGGER WARNING. This collection deals with difficult and possibly triggering subject matter.

Contact Esther Mitchell at:


  • Wix Facebook page
  • Wix Twitter page

Esther Mitchell is based in the United States


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