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Free Novels & Collections

From fanfiction novels/short story collections to original works, these are novels the author has decided to make available for free (ebook only). You can download free EPub books here, viewable on most ebook readers.


NOTE: Free does NOT mean copyright laws don't apply. All novels available on this page are subject to copyright law in some way, shape, or form. Failure to comply with US Copyright Law will result in the removal of this page and these items, and the prosecution of violators. Please abide by all copyright statements made within provided free novels. Thank you.

Born of Starlight CoverArt.jpg
Born of Starlight

(Fan Fiction Novel based on Good Omens, by Neil Gaiman and Terry Pratchett)

Taken from the headcanon of Esther Mitchell, and based on the established canon of both the novel and the show, this novel picks up where Season 2 of the show leaves off, and spans most of the following 9 years. 

Please note, this was written in 2023, and does NOT take into account any established canon of Season 3, and nor will it be altered to include such material, if and when a Season 3 is created. As such, it should be considered a "What if" type of AU novel.

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