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Author Picture. Esther Mitchell.

A Letter from Esther Mitchell

Welcome to my world. A lot of people ask me what it's like to be a writer, or how I come up with ideas.

A writer's style, like his or her subject, is totally a matter of personality and experience. Some are gifted with blessed lives, which allow them to envision Happily Ever After not as a distant dream, but as a daily reality. Others, like myself, see the world through a realist's eyes. We've experienced pain and loss intensely, and come to realize there are no Fairytale endings.

As for how I come up with ideas... I was both blessed and cursed to have been given a vast range of experiences to draw from. I've learned to embrace the darkness within, and to craft from it a light made brighter by the darkness in which it was born.

They say to know a writer, you must first know his or her work. I don't know about everyone, but this is certainly the case for me. So, I welcome you to take a peek into all the things that make me. Take a walk into my most terrifying nightmares, and my deepest dreams. Walk with me as I reveal what makes a woman a slave to her fears, and what elevates her to greatness. Join me as I show you what makes a hero truly heroic... The answer might just surprise you.

Esther Mitchell

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