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GENRE: Speculative/Science Fiction

Section Psi: Lamaris

2445 CE

A new planet brings new challenges, and with it, a new class of criminal. After the colonization of Mars, the Martian Colonial Armed Response forces found themselves unable to track or arrest many of the criminals mutated by the dreaded Martian Fever. Fortunately, with the new breed of criminals comes a new breed of law enforcement -- a Special Detective Detachment manned by men and women with extrasensory and paranormal abilities. But with these abilities comes a price, and their only reward could be the bonds they form with each other.

SPL01 Illegal Pursuit (Lamaris) CoverArt 2022.jpg
Book 1: Illegal Pursuit -- Coming Soon


Kathrin Cross, like every other agent in Section Psi, has a traumatic past. As a rookie agent, she watched her younger sister brutally murdered by escaped felon Josef Travinski. When she learns that Travinski is being paroled, Kathrin knows her sister will never get real justice, and Kathrin's just become a target, as well. To save herself, and avenge her sister's murder, Kathrin's determined to break the law she's sworn to uphold, and the only person on all of Mars capable of stopping her is her partner -- a man harboring a secret of his own.


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SPL02 Dead Men (Lamaris) Cover 2022.jpg
Book 2: Dead Men... -- Coming Soon


When wealthy heiress and political rising star Bryana Sabinus is found dead in Lamaris Canyon's infamous Pink Alley, the case is high profile even before it becomes linked to the dangerous world of Virtual Reality. Now, Lexus Agent Calliope McKinney's Psionic ability puts her right in the middle of a spotlight she'd prefer to avoid. And when her search for Bryana's killer turns into a deadly game of cat and mouse, played out in VR, Calli's only ally may be a man she doesn't trust -- a man who's harboring a secret that could kill them all.


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SPL03 Black Star (Lamaris) Cover 2022.jpg
Book 3: Black Star -- Coming Soon


Special Agent Krissy Lindstrom thought things couldn't get any worse, when her fiancé, Xander Mylanos, disappeared while working an MCAR case. But when a rash of murdered criminals turns up in Samod Quarantine and Pink Alley, she's about to have her world upended. As Section Psi's telekinetic DNA specialist, she's discovered an oddity to her victims that scares her silly -- the marks of a mythical creature believed to exist only on Terra. When a single case nets a fluke DNA sample, it'll bring the past crashing back into her present, and send Krissy on the hunt for a dead man.


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