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GENRE: Speculative/Science Fiction

Section Psi: Epsilon

They are the best Section Psi has to offer -- men and women of extraordinary talent in a place that sees the astounding every day. Together, they make up an elite and covert team capable of cracking Section Psi's most difficult cases, and handling their most notorious and deadly criminals.

They are... Team Epsilon

SPE01 Shadow of Cain (Epsilon) Cover 2022.jpg
Book 1: Shadow of Cain -- Coming Soon


There's nothing more dangerous than trust. Antara "Tara" Yari learned the danger of trusting authority a long time ago. Abandoned by her Terran parents, with an IQ off the charts and evidence of a dangerous Psi, she was dropped on the doorstep of a school for the gifted when her Psi was discovered. Instead, she became the guinea pig for a new Nanyte protocol. Tara eventually  used her Nanyte-enhanced Psi to escape, and she's been living as a thief ever since, and making a street-wise reputation for herself on  the streets of Lamaris Canyon. That reputation also came with an extensive rap sheet. But a mysterious client's request for a strange artifact is about to change Tara's life forever, and send her straight into the arms of a man sworn to kill her, and who could steal Tara's most precious possession -- her heart.


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SPE02 Altered States (Epsilon) Cover 2022.jpg
Book 2: Altered State -- Coming Soon


Katya Rachanovich has it all -- money, education, fame, and an uncle who wields First Family power on Mars. Still, it isn't enough for Katya, because the one thing she would trade it all for is the only thing she knows she can't have -- Elliot Davies' heart. Years ago, he disappeared from her life, and she had no idea how to get him back. Now, he's back in Lamaris Canyon, but the cost of getting him back could be more than she bargained for. When a dangerous biotoxin threatens to wipe out all Psis on Mars, the threat will bring Elliot crashing back into her life, and set Katya on the road to self-discovery that could break her heart.


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