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Genre: Fantasy​

Legends of Tirum

"When the Wars of Majik near their end, the Nine will align. On distant shores, the final battle will be waged, until the Heart of the World is no longer divided."

With this final prophecy, the last great Majin of Ravenos sealed himself away to die, his Majik dispersed among the worthiest bloodlines. Now, the nine descendants of Chosen bloodlines are drawn to their destinies, and each other, as the final battle looms ever closer.

Daughter of Ashes (Legends of Tirum, Book 1) Cover
Book 1: Daughter of Ashes

ISBN 978-1955301091

Telyn Gwndal has always felt like an outcast. The illegitmate child of a forbidden union that crossed the lines of feud, she bears the scorn of both of her parents' houses. Her conception and birth at the Fire Mountain, Raiador, is something Telyn views as a curse, and she would gladly forsake the strange bond she holds with her birthplace. But when a traitor brings her face-to-face with her destiny, deep within Raiador's core, her biggest ally is a man with secrets bigger than either of them.

Phoenix Rising (Legends of Tirum, Book 2) Cover
Book 2: Phoenix Rising

ISBN 978-1955301107

Phoenix Telyn Gwndal has finall accepted the Majik that's her birthright. But when her mission to finish her father's quest sends her into the beleaguered Borderlands, she's about to discover Fate has quite different plans from the ones she's made -- and they involve a man she's already promised herself never to love, and a proud people she can't turn her back on. Can Telyn escape Destiny's designs with her heart still intact?

Spirit Mage (Legends of Tirum, Book 3) Cover
Book 3: Spirit Mage

ISBN 978-1955301114

Phoenix Telyn Gwndal intended nothing more than to bury her battered heart in Raiador's fiery core. Her Elemental hosts have a very different idea of where she belongs, and their quest could cost her everything. Within the benighted forest of the Eleshau, Telyn would come face-to-face with her most hated enemy and, in the halls of Death itself, her most beloved ally. Can Telyn find the heart she cast far away, or has Fate's design come far too late?

Mistress of Cats (Legends of Tirum, Book 4) Cover
Book 4: Mistress of Cats

ISBN 978-1955301121

Phoenix Telyn Gwndal swore to return her friend and blood sister to her proper place within the Imperial Palace of Targoth. She knows the risks of even showing her face inside the Empire's borders, but she owes Reaphia a second chance. When a chance encounter with an out-of-place merchant from a legendary people brings Telyn into the middle of a sruggle to free a woman held captive by her own will, Telyn finds herself up against a past she's never really outrun.  Nothing can prepare her for what comes next.

Book 5: Sister of Dragons

ISBN 978-1955301299

The desert Wastes of Ravenos are home to no one except nomads and ghosts. When the spirits from Telyn's past rise up to greet her entry into this land she once fled she'll find herself face-to-face with a race she believed little more than a child's nightmare, and a young woman whose birthright puts her right in the middle of a struggle that could doom them all. Can Telyn find the strength to free a woman trapped between duty and destiny, or will her past seal her own fate, and tear the man she loves from her forever?

Book 6: Child of Fallen Waters

ISBN 978-1955301305

A friend's quest for identity sends Telyn and her party into a land long draped in secrecy and legend. The truth they find staggers them all, because when the next Chosen is revealed, her identity will leave Telyn questioning her own fate, and the choices she's made.


And when Telyn's life is upended by a disaster she never saw coming, she finds herself up against the most important question of her life: Is her pride and fear worth the cost, if that cost is everything she loves?

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