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Guardians, Inc: Wychward

They are a special group of Legacies, charged with collecting, transporting, and safeguarding those Para in danger or in need of a Traveling House. They are the first line of Witness Protection and Fugitive Retrieval for the Para community, and each of them is ready to die to protect their charges, and will go to whatever lengths they must to apprehend fugitives from Para justice.

Meet the Wychwards...

Book 1: Tempting Fate
ISBN: 978-1955301138

A House Master with a mysterious and dangerous charge, and a woman without any knowledge of her origins. Has Gavin MacCorran agreed to take on a task meant to rescue a damsel in distress, or made a deal meant to seal his fate forever? Addie Loughlin appears to be a waitress with no past and a dismal present. But as her origins and her obliviousness to the world into which she was born come to light, Gavin will have to ask himself two very important questions...


Can he believe anything Addie is telling him?

And is saving her life more of a risk to everything he has, or a necessity he can't bear to consider not risking?

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