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Genre: Speculative/Futuristic​

Underground: Mole

2118 CE

The world hovers between the scars of recent world war, and the constant threat of another. When Rick Carinson and his Commandos are given the task of ferreting out a mole in the Intelligence Community, they know the threat is serious. Their mission is to track down this threat to CEADS security and world stability, and eliminate it, before the world's fragile new peace can be shattered. 


01 Tamia CoverArt 2022.jpg
Book 1: Tamia

ISBN 978-1955301152

Marine Captain Tamia Kuan is no stranger to war. Raised in war-torn Tibet, and then turned loose with the street ganges of Old San Francisco, Tamia is living proof the strong survive. On the streets, she learned to bury her heart to survive and, by the end of the world war known as the Divide, her survival depends on no longer feeling at all. But a decade-long secret will turn the tables on Tamia, and force her to find her heart, again. For, in the midst of one of the deadliest counterespionage missions of her life, her life could depend on it.


02 Mind Killer CoverArt2022.jpg
Book 2: Mind Killer

ISBN 978-1955301176

Nobody ever had to tell Tamia Kuan the past came with a price tag. She's always known she'd pay for her mistakes, one day. What she never expected was to have to pay for them with another's life. But when a reconnaissance mission leaves her reeling, she'll discover she's broken a Code punishable by death, if her secret is ever revealed. To keep her secret, and a life she loves, she'll have to conceal the truth from everyone -- especially the man she loves.

03 Terminal Hunder CoverArt 2022.jpg
Book 3: Terminal Hunter

ISBN 978-1955301190

Commando Tamia Kuan hasn't had an easy life, but she's never made excuses for her actions -- she's made the best of what she has. Her life is finally beginning to come together, until the loss of a friend drives home the life lesson she's been hiding from -- no one is invincible. Now, she's faced with the very real possibility of losing everything she holds dear. Can a dangerous past be unmade, before it brings any hope of a future crashing down around her?


04 Heros Hope CoverArt 2022.jpg
Book 4: Hero's Hope -- Coming 2024

ISBN 978-1955301213

Tamia Carinson has everything she could ever want: A husband who loves her, a child on the way, and friends willing to risk their own futures to keep her family safe. But she can't shake the uneasy feeling something’s very wrong, and her streetwise ability to read people tells her Rick’s keeping dangerous secrets. Now, for the sake of her child, she must uncover what he's been hiding, before the past catches up with them all.


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05 Vengeful Heart CoverArt 2022.jpg
Book #5: Vengeful Heart -- Coming 2024

ISBN 978-1955301237

Some wounds, even time can’t bind. But vengeance, and redemption, might. Tamia Carinson is convinced of it. When she left for Tibet, Tamia vowed to never give up on her search for the killer who tore her life apart. In the two years since she left, she’s uncovered a vendetta that will put her back in the game. Now, with pain she’s never learned to move past still haunting her, Tamia’s finally come home to New York City, and her revenge. But she's about to discover secrets can cut straight to the soul.

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06 Deadly Designs CoverArt 2022.jpg
Book #6: Deadly Designs -- Coming 2024

ISBN 978-1955301251

Even a mother's love can't stop some nightmares from coming true. Tamia Carinson's attempts to convince her husband to help their friend track down Calli Malone's attacker are met with resistance. Rick is still nursing a grudge against Frank Harlin for even allowing Tamia and their son to face harm in his own absence. But when Rick and Tamia's two-year-old son is kidnapped in broad daylight by the very people they should be hunting, the Commandos will come together and use every resource at their disposal to bring little Michael back, unharmed. Driven by her own desperation to find her son, Tamia reaches out to the one source she trusts to help her find her baby -- the mother of her husband's pre-teen daughter.

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07 End Game CoverArt 2022.jpg
Book #7: End Game -- Coming 2024

ISBN 978-1955301275

No amount of power or wealth can protect the guilt from their crimes. The Commandos aren't about to let the mole they've sacrificed so much to find get away. The deeper they've dug, over the years, the higher the cost has become. Now, they have the evidence to prove the mole's network goes all the way to the top of CEADS -- but where does it stop, and can the Commandos stop the mole before an army of  terror troops is released on an unsuspecting population?

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