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Genre: Paranormal Suspense
Guardians, Inc: International

While Guardians, Inc was originally opened to help the Para and Legacy who found themselves in dangerous straits in the New World, it quickly became apparent that no one was truly able to bridge the boundaries between human law enforcement and the Para communities all over the world -- not even Matthew Raleigh's Project Prometheus, though they were doing their part. With a need going unmet, Jason set out to right the wrong, and began opening a number of offices all over the globe, in an attempt to help beleaguered Para and Legacy wherever they needed aid.

GI INT 01 The Hanging Tree CoverArt 2-19-24.jpg
Book 1: The Hanging Tree


As a demonologist, Simon Crowley has been fighting to put to rest his family heritage for his entire adult life. As the head of Guardians, Inc.'s London office, he's determined to make a difference in the Para world his grandfather so abused. As a demisexual man, he's never had any conflicts between his life and his job -- they were one and the same, to Simon. But when a report of lights in an estate that's been abandoned -- with good cause -- for three hundred years reaches him, Simon's obligation to investigate may be about to slowly, but steadily, change his life forever.

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GI INT 02 The Silver Kiss CoverArt 1-2-24.jpg
Book 2: The Silver Kiss


Popular mythology calls him the man who betrayed the Christ. Popular speech has made his name synonymous with "traitor." But could it be that only one side of the story has ever been heard? Judas Iscariot has been holding onto a secret for two millennia -- he was asked to betray his best friend and the man he loved. By that man. He's been searching for an artifact he lost track of over a thousand years ago, but even he doesn't quite understand its significance, or the part it will play in his future. Not, that is, until he comes face-to-face with the very man he's been mourning for two thousand years. When the truth comes out, Judas will have to decide -- does he stand by the man he's suffered so long for, or can he walk away from everything they ever had?

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GI INT 03 A Consequence of Blood CoverArt 2-19-24.jpg
Book 3: A Consequence of Blood  -- Coming Soon


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