"Raleena taught me to be a lady, much the way Dariadus taught me to be a warrior."


One dark brow lifted, and Nacaris' lips quirked in amusement, though he still said nothing. He didn't need to -- she knew what he was thinking.


"Hey!" Telyn laughed, with a playful swat to Nacaris' shoulder. "I'll have you know I can be properly refined and graceful, if I've a mind to be."


He caught her loosely-fisted hand, lifting it to his lips to nibble the inside of her wrist. The sensation jolted through Telyn's still-charged system, and she moaned, then shivered as she met his gaze, and was nearly swallowed in the heat, again.


"I'd rather have the wildcat who claws my back and screams my name," he murmured, the flutter of his breath against her skin sending another, deeper shiver through her.


Leaning forward, she rested her forehead against his and, in a breathless whisper, demanded, "Take me to bed, Nacaris. I'll show you just how wild I can be."

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